President Clinton announced that during his remaining days in office he would consider every request for clemency. His announcement provides a window of opportunity for you to urge the President to commute Mr. Garza's death sentence and to declare a moratorium on the execution of other federal prisoners. We urge to to join the many individuals who have already urged President Clinton to issue a moratorium on federal executions. You can contact the President directly though the link provided on our webpage or through a variety of other organizations' websites, through the links provided below. We also urge you to review and sign the many petitions calling for a moratorium accessible below.
To send an email or free fax President Clinton or Congress:
  • ACLU, Email or Fax to President Clinton
  • ACLU, Email or Fax Congress
  • Friends Committee on National Legislation, Contact President Bill Clinton

  • To sign petitions calling for a moratorium:

  • Amnesty International/Community of Sant'Egidio, Petition for Worldwide Moratorium on Executions
  • Moratorium 2000 Petition
  • Return to Citizens for a Moratorium on Federal Executions Home